About Me

Scientist by day, crafter by night.  I am the crazy person you see on the bus, on a plane, sitting in a park, or even walking down the street or in a store feverishly knitting or crocheting away.  I even take my yarn with me to work so I can craft at lunch.  For me, all life's problems can be solved by a ball of nice, soft yarn and a small pile of craft supplies.  I am never without some manner of craft material.  There is no storage dilemma that plastic canvas cannot solve and yarn can solve more problems than I ever imagined.  I have been crocheting since 2009 and knitting since 2010.  In my first year of crocheting I made over a dozen queen sized afghans, at least half of which were my own design.  I enjoy crochet for the rapidity with which you can turn out finished items and the ease of creating small and useful items.  Hats are a favorite as are bags.  Knitting I reserve for clothing at the moment.  As a somewhat novice knitter the prospect of making knitted amigurumi is, to be perfectly honest, terrifying.  I'm a big fan of being able to make your own patterns, and I've been slowly learning how to do that for knitting and crochet in such a way that it makes sense to other people.

I'm finding that I draw inspiration increasingly from old movies, the ones shown on TCM. I love old movies, I love new movies, I just like movies. Some of my favorites have costumes designed by Edith Head, though I've not seen many films with her work in them. I also adore Peter O'Toole, Alan Alda, and Kirk Douglas. Odd taste for someone my age, but they're all so fantastic at what they do that I can't help but enjoy everything I've seen of them

I live with two cats, Cassandra and Calliope. We've been together since they were 6 months old in 2006. They are litter mates and sisters and they seem to enjoy my yarn as much as I do. Except for anything I make them; they are cats after all.  

I'm not employed by anyone that makes or sells crafting supplies of any kind, but since I use an awful lot of different crafting tools I'll do my best to give commentary or review of the tools where ever it seems to make sense to do so.  I'll also tell you exactly what I used for my crafts as often as possible.  Again, I am a scientist, not a professional crafter, and I don't benefit in any way from telling you whose products I use or where I got them.  I try to be as descriptive as possible so that you can reproduce anything I make which sometimes works best if you know the exact components.