Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Laurels Mini Scarf

I've got a fun one for you today.  The Laurels scarf looks awesome and is super easy to make.  It's one of the things I made over the holidays.  Amazing what you can do between rounds of dish washing, isn't it?  Of course, I ever so cleverly neglected to photograph the first one I made which I, equally cleverly, left with mom since she liked it.  So I got to set about making a second one, hence why it's only now getting posted.  Go me.  On the plus side, I now know that you can make at least 2 of these scarves from one ball of yarn.

Making the scarf has kinda set back one of my other projects though.  Not that it's going all that quickly anyway.  I'm working on a top-down sweater top, which I'm really hoping will turn out as awesome as it is in my head.  I've only done two top-downs so far, my Margaret top and a purple one.  The purple one is almost interesting, but definitely good for a first go.  This new one goes in a different direction though.  It's still in the raglan style but it has more of a ballet neck to it and will be shaped more like a dolman top with more defined sleeves and a cinched waist.  Should be pretty if all my math worked out.  It's taking a while to do, though, even with my Addi's (I got clicks for Christmas, squee!). I got to put the sleeves on holders today.  Anywho, today is my birthday and TCM ever so kindly decided to play Gaslight for me so I'm going to leave you with pictures and the pattern and call it good.  (-:

Laurels Mini Scarf

About 90 yards of I Love This Yarn
I Hook


The final stitch in each row is made in the turning chain of the previous row.  Each row increases by two sts, one on the end and one in the center.
Row 1:  2sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1, turn.
Row 2: Sc, 2sc, sc, ch 1, turn.
Row 3: Sc twice, 2 sc, sc twice, ch 1, turn.
Row 4: Sc three times, 2 sc, sc three times, ch1.
Row 5: 2 sc in last sc of previous row, ch 1.
Repeat rows 2-5 until scarf measures 60 inches.  End on a row 4, break off.

Below you see a step by step of rows 5, 2, 3, and 4 in that order.  I've included this largely because of how row 3 looks.  It will appear that the leaf is going to face the wrong direction but, as you can see, once you go on to row 4 the leaf looks the way it's supposed to.


  1. Hi there! I love your patterns! Especially your mini-scarf patterns, I've made several mini-loop scarves. And I absolutely adore this new pattern, but I just cannot figure out, after you make the first leaf, how you go on to make the second one. My second leaf (or leaves, considering how many times I've tried this today lol) keep facing the same direction. How in the world do I get the second to face opposite? Do they naturally curl or am I just not getting it? To be honest I had a little bit of trouble when I first started making the mini-loop, and once I figured it out it was like an "aha" moment. Any help would be appreciated, I'm a more experienced crocheter, but sometimes I have a hard time with the patterns. Thanks for posting :D

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know you've been having trouble! I'm still fairly new to writing patterns and I'm never sure if I'm as clear as I think I am. Since it's the second leaf you're having problems with, it may just be that the scarf looks kind of awkward at that point. I would try making the third leaf to see if that changes how it looks to you. The only other thing I can think of for you to try is to add or subtract a row. When I was making the pattern sometimes I would lose track of how many rows I had done and it would make the leaves face the same direction instead of alternating. It was also really hard to tell when I had done that so I would have to rip the whole leaf and start over to make sure it was the same as the other leaves. Let me know if neither of those options fixes it for you and I'll try to think of something else for you to try.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I had moved on to making a shawl, and had to finish that before I could try the scarf again. Ok I think my problem might lie in the kind of yarn I've been trying to use. I am going to go to the store this weekend and get the exact brand you used and maybe that will help. Your advice also did help, just when I've been trying I've been using Red Heart SS, which is quite a bit coarser. A softer yarn would probably allow the "leaves" to turn the correct way. It does work out just fine when I try it. Also you may want to clarify for a more beginner crocheter that they should keep their stitches loose (which I don't do unless told lol) and also that, after turning the first sc should be placed in the ch1 before the turn. Otherwise the math doesn't add up. Thank you again for the great pattern, and for your help, you responded quickly which was awesome, most people don't do that! :)

    1. No worries, I jump projects all the time myself. (-: I'm glad you've had better luck with the scarf this time. I'll take a fresh look at the pattern, with your recommendations in mind, and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I like this and am going to try it with a cotton weight thread to be used as an adornment to pillow cases...