Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little Miss Muffet Hat

Sorry about the gap in posting.   We had our medieval faire and it tends to steal my soul, and my time.  The annoying bit is that I did actually have something to post, and not just any something either.  I had a pattern written out and everything.   I just didn't get around to posting it.  You'll be getting two today because of that.  The other one will be forthcoming later today; I'm having a bit of trouble translating my shorthand back into something people can understand.  As soon as I've got it figured out I'll get the other one up.

This hat is kind of odd.  It was the one I made during the second disc of Ben Hur (1959) and I'm not entirely certain what I was thinking at the time.   I named it what I did because it looks rather like an old style cap and I can see someone sitting on a tuffet while wearing it.  Google image "little miss muffet" and you'll see what I mean.  Like I said, it's an odd little hat.   It might have made more sense had I worked it in a solid color yarn, but I had a variegated in my hands so that's what I used.  I never know how my hats are going to turn out until they're done.   You can also tell which hats were made around the same time.  I have a tendency to repeat motifs on things that I make in close proximity, timewise, to each other.  It's something I'm working on.  Who wants hats that all look the same? 

Little Miss Muffet Hat

Fits a 22 inch head snugly.


200 yards I Love This Yarn, Overdyed in Jamie
I hook

Cluster Pattern, abbreviated as 'cl':
3dc, ch2, 3 dc.  The first cluster on each round will start with ch2 acting as a dc.

Ch4 and join in a loop

Round 1:  (3dc,  ch2) in each ch.  Join, turn. 
Round 2:  Slst in ch 2 sp.  (Cl, ch1) around.  Join, turn.
Round 3:  Repeat the cluster pattern in ch1 and ch2 spaces all the way around.  Join, turn.
Round 4:  3dc, ch2 in each ch1 and ch2 space.  Join and turn.
Round 5:  (3dc, ch3) around. Join and turn.
Round 6:  Make 2 sets of clusters in each ch 3 space leaving a ch 2 between clusters. Join and turn.
Round 7:  (3dc, ch2) around. Join and turn.
Round 8-11: Repeat Round 7.
Round 12:  Make a cluster leaving out the ch 2 in each ch 2 space of the previous round.
Round 13:  Sc decrease around.  Join and turn.  Now is a good time to start using marker for the start/stop of each round.  If you lose sts from here it will make your hat too tight.  Try the hat on regularly until you start increasing again.
Round 14:  (4 sc, decrease) around. Join and turn.
Round 15:  Sc around.  Join and turn
Round 16:  (4 sc, increase) around.  Join and turn.
Round 17:  Increase in each stitch around.  Join and turn.
Round 18:  (Sc, increase) around.  Join and turn.
Round 19:  Sc around.  Join and turn.
Round 20:  Sc around, join and break off.  Weave in ends.


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    1. I'm not sure exactly what size it is, but all my hats fit a 22 inch head. I'll go through my hats and put a note about sizing in if they need it. Thanks for pointing that out!