Sunday, July 15, 2012

It Was All Yellow

We've already established that I'm not always the best about getting posts up.  Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for lazy reasons.  Well, today I have a good reason and, for once, it's something I can actually show you.  I've not been getting much of anything fun done this week because I've been working on getting my hall bath repainted.  Why?  Well, remember this?

 If you do, then you probably remember this as well. (If you don't, it's in Creepy Creeps with Eerie Eyes)

That's right, the giant mess I made peeling my wall clings off.  It really has taken me this long to do something about it.  Again with the lazy.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go with my original plan of using leftover paint to patch the sanded and primed spots.  A 6 year old can of paint tends to have a bit of rust in it and this one had enough that I couldn't use it.  No problem, I thought.  I'll just go get a new can and have them color match it (I couldn't find the original paint chip.  I'm sure it's around somewhere because I kept all the paint chips I used for precisely this reason).  Yeah, the problem with 6 year old paint is that in 6 years a lot of things change.  Not only has the paint changed, but the brand that the color originally came from isn't even carried at Lowe's anymore.  I couldn't get a new paint chip, I couldn't be sure that anything I got would match, and the paint brand that I had used was now a paint+primer that cost the earth.  So, I grabbed some Killz paint (any paint I used had to be good against mildew, that bathroom does not vent well and moisture collects enough to literally drip down the walls.  I've watched it happen, it's kinda disturbing) and had the paint lady do the best she could color matching from the paint can.  I got it home and hit a few spots and I must say the color was pretty dang was the paint that wasn't.  Guess who grabbed primer thinking it was paint?  Go, me.  Supremely frustrated at this point I decided that if I was going to have to repaint the whole damn bathroom I at least was going to do it in a new color.  I gathered up some new paint chips, picked a color, and went to town.  3 coats of paint later, covering blue was more of a pain than I anticipated even with a slightly darker color, I have a repaired bathroom.  In my grand tradition, it's nice and bright.  Brighter than I was expecting, truth be told, but I really like it.  Especially with the contrast with the blue cabinetry.  I'm really, really pleased with my happy new paint.  Introducing my newly improved  "Iced Pineapple" bathroom!

Great, isn't it?  And it will stay this way, I've learned my lesson about home made wall clings!  With that out of the way I might even have time to do a fun post soon.  Now that I don't have to feel guilty about having an unfinished bathroom I can get back to creating things.

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