Thursday, August 16, 2012

Super Fast Emergency Ear Warming Headband

As you may have noticed my posting has been even more sporadic than usual.  What is unusual is that I actually have good reason instead of just "I'm lazy".  I've been on vacation!  My parents and I go to visit family once a year and this time we rented a lake house so we could have our family visit us instead of just crashing with them.  The other benefit of a lake house is the lake part.  I like water and I don't often get to play in it.  I've also not gone fishing in a very, very long time.  Probably close to 8 years or so.  Well, since the lake house has a dock and an itsy bitsy row boat we decided to do some fishing.

No, this is not a fishing story blog post.  The fishing part is important because it's why I made what I did but I'm not going to spin a yarn about the one that got away (although that happened a fair number of times, lousy fish).  The bigger issue is that our family is from the north east, I live in the midwest. It's freaking COLD there.  And, because lake houses tend to be on lakes, a constant cold breeze coming off the water presents some problems.  All of this sounds really great, and it is a nice change, but I get wicked headaches when my ears get cold.  As it's summer I hadn't packed anything like ear warmers but with the wind I knew I needed them.  This is why I yarn craft; you're never cold for very long if you can make things out of yarn.

Today I have for you my Super Fast Emergency Ear Warming Headband.  How quickly can you make it?  In about the amount of time it takes your dad to drink a cup of coffee and give a row boat a once over to get the spider webs out.  Hopefully I didn't write this one too sloppily.  It's a really simple pattern and the only reason it looks cute at all is because it's faster to work clusters than it is to work rows of single crochet.  The only part that really needed to be thick was over the ears themselves.  I do hate being cold.

Super Fast Emergency (Fishing) Ear Warming Headband

small amount of Vanna's choice (probably a quarter of a ball, maybe less)


Ch 11
Dc across starting in the 3rd st from hook ( 9 dc counting the ch2 as a dc). Turn.
Work a total of 5 rows of dc over 9 sts.
Sl st over 2 sts, ch2, 2dc in same st as ch.  Ch1, skip 3 sts, 3dc in the next st.  Turn.
**Sl st to the ch 1, make a 3dc cluster in the ch 1.  Turn
Ch2, 2dc in the same st.  Sk 1 dc, 3 dc cluster in the last dc.  Turn.**
Repeat from ** to ** 4 more times, ending on a 2 cluster row.
Ch2 and dc (increase) in the same st.  Dc across including in the space between the clusters and make 1 dc increase in the last st.  You should now have 9 sts.
Work 4 more rows in dc across 9 sts.
Sl st 3, ch 2, dc in the next 2 sts.  (3 dc counting the ch 2) Turn.
Work even in dc over 3 sts for 10 rows.
Sl st the 3 dc band to the center 3 dc on the starting edge.  Break off, weave in ends.

Instant warm.  Well, warmer.  Enjoy!

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