Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crochet Conundrum

Over the last day or so I've been attempting to make toys for my exercise wanting kittehs.  So far I've worked with both cotton and hemp twine.  My girls like to chew things with texture so I was hoping that using a variety of natural fibers would convince them to play with at least ONE of my creations.  No such luck.  I've made 4 toys, 2 in each fiber type, and they have all been spectacular failures.
As you can see, they're nothing much.  The cotton is Sugar and Cream that was leftover from a purse and I picked up some hemp twine to play with for more "chew" oriented toys. I made a mouse before and they barely play with it.  I was hoping the large bean shaped one would be large enough to fight with, but they haven't taken to it at all.  Maybe a finer natural fiber would work.  Sisal or twine will probably be too heavy.  I'll probably try some different shapes too.  Calliope likes to wrestle with things so I may have to make a large pillow like toy for her.  Perhaps a knitted toy would be more to their liking.  


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