Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dots Mini Scarf

Goodness!  It's been over a week since my last post!  You'll have to forgive me for that, it's fall and that means extra distractions.  First and foremost it means leaves.  Tons and tons of leaves.  I think they call it fall because that's what the leaves do; fall everywhere and make a mess.  Between that and getting my house tidied up for Thanksgiving guests I've had my hands full.  I know what you're thinking, it takes her over a week to get her house tidy?  Yeah, it does.  As you know by now, I am exceptionally lazy and as a consequence I tend not to pick up after every little thing that I don despite knowing full well that it will save me time later if I were to do so.  Foolish, I know, but I am working on it.  Before you start thinking my house is dirty I feel compelled to tell you that I do clean it every weekend.  I have to or I would be utterly overwhelmed by entropy and my house would be dirty then.  In the mean time I blame physics and nature, which is rather redundant and doesn't solve my slowed posting so I will get on with it.  Today's post is a shorty, but I'm rather fond of the pattern and hope you will be too.

I've been playing with different compositions of stitches to see what manner of shapes I can make.  First in the Stem of Leaves Mini Scarf, then the Loops Mini Scarf.  This one is closer to how I had hoped the Loops scarf would turn out.  Since I liked the Loops mini, I wasn't too worried about it not matching the picture in my head.  That didn't keep me from wanting the scarf I imagined in the first place, though, so I played around with the concept enough and came up with my Dots mini scarf. 

Dots Mini Scarf

Full O' Sheep Yarn, less than a full ball
G hook

Gauge: 1 complete loop is 1 1/4 inches

Starting Loop
Chain 6, join into loop.  Make 12 sc in loop and join with a sl st.

All other loops
*Chain 7, join into loop using the 6th chain from hook.  Chain 1, make 12 sc in new loop, join through back of ch 1and the loop immediately behind it.**  Sl st in the top of the next 7 scs.  This puts your working end across from where you started.*  Repeat until mini scarf has 42 loops.  Then work one more loop ending at **.  Bind off, weave in ends.

This will probably be the last mini with circles in it.  I've done three that way now, and it's starting to bore me.  There are so many other shapes, I just have to figure out how to make them wearable.  Maybe I'll start making some knitted patterns.  That should give my brain a work out.  So far I am much better at free-forming with crochet.  Knitting still takes more thought and that just slows me down.

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