Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unblinking Eyes...Yes, They are Watching You

Today is the best day in the history of best days.  Why?  Because Cassandra's tumor is benign!!  But, before we celebrate with a new pattern I have a confession to make.  I've been holding out on you.  All the time I've had no yarn bits to post?  Well, I kinda did.  I held it back for two reasons.  First, it is very definitely a close to October pattern.  Second, I noticed something the other day that gave me a great time to debut this pattern.  You see, today's post is a rather special one.  This post is #100!  How's that for a super awesome day of amazingness?

In honor of the milestone, I've got a really good pattern for you today.  Like I mentioned, I've been sitting on it for a while.  I came up with this idea in April (and made it in May) but knew instantly that it would be a great Halloween scarf.  I've found that seasonal stuff does better close to the season for which it is intended.  When I realized how close I was to my 100th post I figured this would be great for it.

I don't know if I'll ever manage to one up the Blood Scarf, to date that is the single most popular scarf on this blog (that post has had over 21,000 pageviews in the year it's been up), but there's no knowing until I try.  Unlike the Blood Scarf, this scarf doesn't take a massive amount of sewing.  You could even join as you go if you wanted.  I didn't make mine that way so that I could mix up my eye motifs before putting them together but I've included a note as to where you would do the join as you go.  You can also use the Staring Eye pattern to use up random amounts of yarn that you may have around.  You have two options if you start mixing yarn.  Keep the gauge the same so your eyes come out even or just go to town and see how it turns out with differently sized eyes.  You can make all the eyes one color, or alternate iris colors, or even do something like I did for the Tim Scarf and make it in two colors with one eye in a third color for an accent.  There are a bunch of options.

Staring Eye Scarf

Vanna's Choice 115 grams, about 200 yards
G hook

Gauge:  Each eye is 5 1/4 inches long and 4 inches wide.

A quick note before you get started, while you're making your eyes you will notice that they don't lie flat.  The way this pattern is designed the eyes round out a little to make them more three dimensional.  If you wanted you could sew 2 motifs together and make a coin purse or pouch. There are ls of possibilities.

Eye Motif
Round 1:  8sc in first ch, join and turn (8sts)
Round 2:  2sc in each st, join and turn (16 sts)
Round 3:  sc1, 2sc around, join and turn (24 sts)
Round 4:  sc around, join and turn (24sts)
Round 5:  sc2, 2sc around, join and turn (32 sts)
Round 6:  sc around, join and turn (32 sts)
Round 7:  sc3, 2sc around, join and turn (40 sts)
Round 8:  ch 2, dc, hdc, sc17, (dc, ch 1, dc) in same st, hdc, sc 17, hdc, ch1, join to top of starting ch2 and turn
Round 9:  Ch2, hdc, sc2, sl st 13, sc2, hdc, dc, (dc, ch1, dc) in ch 1 of previous round, dc, hdc, sc2, slst 13, sc2, hdc, dc, (dc, ch1, dc) in ch 1 of previous round.  Join and break off.

Eye Coloring Options

The only rounds that have a set color are rounds 8 and 9.  Those need to be done in white (or whatever color you want the 'whites' of your eyes to be).  The size of the pupil and iris are very changeable so to give you an idea of what you can do I've included the round color coding for the ones I've done.

Pin-Point Pupil- Round 1 in black, Rounds 2-5 in color, Rounds 6-9 in white  
"Normal" Eye- Rounds 1 and 2 in black, Rounds 3-5 in color, Rounds 6-9 in white
Dilated Pupil- Round 1-3 in black, Rounds 4-5 in color, Rounds 6-9 in white
Hypnotic Eye- Alternate rounds of black and colr for Rounds 1-5, Rounds 6-9 in white
Rimmed Eye- Rounds 1-3 in black, Round 4 in color 1, Rounds 5-6 in color 2, Rounds 7-9 in white
Dotted Pupil- Round 1 in white, Rounds 2-3 in black, Rounds 4-5 in color, Rounds 6-9 in white

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