Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lacy Honeycomb Afghan

It's done! My bright yellow project is done!  Sadly, it isn't as large as I was hoping it would be.  I used the Sayelle yarn my friend had given me and, as it was in finite quantity, so was the resulting afghan.  It is, however, large enough to count as and afghan or blanket.  For that I'm grateful.  Especially since I had hoped for a bright yellow afghan to go on the bright purple couch that I want.  Yes, I've found furniture.  It's somewhat custom made so I won't be ordering it for a while since having it delivered during snow storm season seems like a bad plan.  In the mean time I have a happy yellow blanket to add to my collection of winter nesting materials.

Lyssa crocheted, cat approved.  I don't think there's a more compelling argument for the snuggly-ness of this one, even if I thought it needed it!  (-:

I have been struggling a bit with other pattern designs though.  All the dreary, cold days seem to be sapping my creativity.  Plus I tried to get a cold earlier this week, though I managed to fight it off with the cunning use of sudafed. It worked, which is good because being sick doesn't help with the creative process and I need all the creativity I can get.  I really want to create another blanket pattern, too.  The purple couch gets the yellow blanket, but my bright green loveseat is going to need a blanket too.  I'm thinking either bright blue or fuchsia.  I would prefer the fuchsia, but I'm not sure I can find enough affordable yarn in a bright enough shade.  I shall have to go yarn hunting soon. 

Lacy Honeycomb Afghan

approx 9 skeins (36 oz) Sayelle yarn.  Sayelle is discontinued and I do not have yardage information on it.  Red Heart or I Love This Yarn should be roughly comparable.
I hook

Finished size:
51x60 inches  (130x152 1/2 cm)

Motif Gauge: 
4 inches (10 cm) flat side to flat side and 5 inches (12 1/2 cm) point to point.

Motif pattern:
ch8, join into a ring
Round 1:  18 hdc in the ring, join
Round 2: ch 7, sk 2 sts, dc.  Ch5, sk 2 sts, dc* around join last ch 5 to the second chain of the ch7(makes 6 loops)
Round 3: ch2 , 2 dc.  ch3, 3 dc.  (3dc, ch3, 3dc) in next 5 loops.  Join to the ch 2, break off.

Make 1 pattern motif.  When you reach round 3 on the second motif, join it to the first one by (ch 1, sc to the other motif, ch1) in place of the ch3.  Your first row will only have 2 joins per motif.  Once you start working the second row your motifs will have between 2 and 4 points where they will connect.  Make 13 motifs for you first row, 14 of the second, 13 for the third, and so on until you have 7 rows of 13 and 6 rows of 14 for a grand total of 175 motifs.  I recommend weaving in ends as you go for this one, it's less to fuss with later.



  1. Is this done on one piece or connected like granny squares? Linda:

    1. It's a little bit of both. You make a motif and then connect it to the others on the last round.

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