Sunday, December 18, 2011

Super Simple Scarf

I had a ball of yarn to play with at lunch one day.  I was working on other ideas so I didn't want to do anything really complicated.  Simplicity sometimes gives you really good results, so I kept it simple.  This particular scarf is so easy to make that it doesn't even really need a pattern.  I'll give you one, of course, but it's another that can be easily modified. I know, I know, it's a rectangle.  I couldn't think of an interesting way to make another shape and wanted something easy so the super simple scarf looks like a normal scarf.  The fabric of the scarf is a very simple pattern stitch that I haven't used in a few years.  I came across it in a few of the crochet books I got from my grandma.  The pattern is called a double stitch and, for some reason, it doesn't seem to be widely used an I'm not really sure why.  It's no more complicated than your average single or double crochet, doesn't noticeably use more yarn,  and it makes a really nice texture.  I made two blankets for friends with this stitch a few years ago and I was very pleased with the look and the warmth of said blankets.  Still, even searching Ravelry for it turned up a designer called Double Stitch (they've got some neat looking stuff, by the way) but nothing that was obviously the stitch pattern.  All Google found was how to make double crochets, not the stitch pattern.  I find it odd because usually the internet knows about more obscure patterns and things.  Not in this case, it appears.  Who knows, maybe it will gain some traction.  I know I like it, maybe you will too.

Super Simple Scarf

I learned to tie tie knots for this one because it's so long.  I like the look it gives.

Naturally Caron Spa yarn, 1 ball per scarf size.
K hook 

12 sts in pattern = 3 inches (7 1/2 cm)

Stitch pattern:
Double stitch- You work this stitch form like you're making overlapping single crochet decreases.  For an example, if you have 4 stitches you ch 1 then bring up yarn (as you do to make a sc decrease) in sts 1 and 2 then pull through 3 loops.  You then bring up yarn in sts 2 and 3 and draw yarn through all three loops, then 3 and 4, and finally 1 sc in st 4.  The last 1 sc is essential, it's what keeps your piece from decreasing.
Bringing yarn through first and second stitch
Completing the double stitch by pulling through all 3 loops

Close up of double stitch pattern

Mini Scarf
ch 9.  In the second chain from the hook start the double stitch pattern and work it back and forth until the scarf is your preferred length.  I was using up yarn so mine is super long, a whole 84 inches (213 cm).

Wide Scarf

ch 13  and work as you did for the mini scarf.   This one I made a bit more reasonable, it's only 59 inches long (150 cm).

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  1. I have a ball of Spa left over and could not find what to do with it. I'm so excited to have found this--although it is "just a rectangle" it is a new stitch that I am enjoying trying. Thanks for introducing it!