Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My $1 Treasure

I'm afraid I don't have much for you today.  All my partial projects are still in pieces and some of them still need parts on top of needing me to have time to finish them.  I thought that getting my massive number of samples done was going to be draining but this week has really kicked my feet out from under me.  I found out at the end of last week, like Friday (honestly, I really don't remember when it was but I'm pretty sure it was Friday.  I've rather lost track of the time/day/month), that my lab was being moved this week.  Now, we have known that we were to be moved for quite a while. Of course, we were supposed to have been moved well over a year ago, but that was well beyond my control.

We've been packing things up for a while, but the last big push to get it done was late last week.  Our first things went over to the new space on Monday and I've been directing traffic and unpacking and sorting and organizing ever since.  It's been a nice change of pace but good lord is it draining!  I'm literally only writing this out right now because I know I'll sleep terribly if I go to bed now.  Now being about 7:45, which is a lot earlier than I usually go sleepies.  It's hard to resist, sleep sounds like the best thing ever right about now, but  I know I'll sleep better if I can hold out until 9ish at least.  I had a hard time focusing on anything else so I thought I would give the blog a go.  I do feel like I should get something up this week for some semblance of regular posting, even if it is just my wild ramblings.  (I promise I read over this before I posted it, but being somewhat incoherent at the moment, there's no telling if any of this will make sense to anyone but me.  Oh well.)

Once I can be human again there are all kinds of lovely things I'll be able to get to and share with you.  I've a number of props that are close to being done, there are a couple of crochet things floating around, and at some point I'll be refinishing some tables.  (I finally found some that I can do unspeakable things to for my new living room 'set' that hasn't been ordered yet.  I'll get there eventually.)

While I'm still thinking somewhat clearly I'll share a pic of a new toy that I found at a garage sale for $1.  $1!!!!!

I already know what I'm going to do to it (and it will be amazing!), but it was too cool not to share and it seemed like a good thing to get people wondering about.  I am so incredibly excited about this little gem.  Seriously, you have no idea.  I was giddy for the whole day after I found it and, for me, that is quite unusual.  I'm going to have to hit garage sales more often; they are really a lot of fun.

Anyway, I can feel my linguistic abilities draining away so I'm going to call an end to posting while the words still seem to make some kind of sense.  With luck, I'll have something fun for my next post but at the least it should make a lot more sense than this one does.  Until then, I bid you adieu.

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