Monday, June 11, 2012

Pizzelle Scarf

I did it!  I got a pattern made and written out in time to post this weekend...ish!  In typical Lazy Lyssa fashion, I have created a quick and easy scarf.  I'm sure you're all bowled over with shock.  (-;  The sad thing is how long it took me to make anything worth making.  I have been so drained lately, what with moving the lab and all the equipment that broke before that (in case you missed the fun, I had 3 critical pieces of science equipment break down in the 2 weeks before I had to start packing which really threw me off schedule and was a giant headache) I've pretty much just been coming home and collapsing in a heap on the couch.  Even my creativity ran out on me, which was a lot more irritating that I would have thought.  I played with my yarn for a good 20 minutes before I was able to come up with something I liked at all. Nothing seemed to work; I tried all kinds of different ways to make things and it was incredibly frustrating that they all went nowhere.  Hopefully having made one new scarf will get the brain juices going so more ideas turn up.

This particular scarf follows my great tradition of being fiendishly easy.  Each motif is a whole 3 rounds and it's also a join as you go.  Here's another shocker for you; it's made from Vanna's Choice (again).  This is what happens when you buy yarn for contests before you know what you're doing.  I have sooooo much leftover yarn.  Anyway, as I was making my new scarf my brain connected the motif with food and I suddenly decided that the motifs looked very much like pizzelles so the name stuck.  For those of you not completely obsessed with food, pizzelles (pronounced "pit-zels" in the US, which is technically improper because pizzelle is already plural in Italian so it doesn't really need the "s" on the end, but whatever) are a really thin, almost waffle like, Italian cookie.  They're pretty much made the same way, and taste very much like, waffle cones for ice cream.  The difference is that pizzelles are usually flat (but not always, you can roll them and stuff them with yummy stuff, too) and have a pattern stamped into them when they're made.  If you want to see what they look like, I've linked a pic here.  Great, now I'm hungry...again.  Here's your pattern, I'm off to make some food!

Pizzelle Scarf

I had a helper for this one.  Aren't I lucky?

I hook
Vanna's Choice, about 45 grams (about 76 yards)

Gauge:  Each motif measures 3 inches across

Motif make 14
Round 1:  8sc in the first chain, join and turn.
Round 2:  Ch4, counts as first dc and ch 2, (dc, ch 2) in each st around.  Join and turn.  You motif should now look like an 8-spoked wheel.
Round 3:  Ch 4, (dc, ch 2) around in both the dc and ch 2 spaces of the previous round (This increases the number of dc's from 8 to 16).  Join and break off.

To join motifs, replace 2 consecutive ch 2's with (ch 1, sc onto another motif, ch 1) and resume the pattern.

Also, completely unrelated, but after several hours and many, many shots I finally got this!

The magic of Binky strikes again!

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  1. This is very cute! I like the design. I'd love for you to add it to my link party for the fiber arts!