Saturday, September 3, 2011

Looooong Day

What a day I've had!  My car has been making funny noises which I recently determined to be caused by a wheel imbalance.  I was almost right. I got up at 6:30 to get out nice and early before the really long lines started.  I managed to get out of the house a bit after 7, which I thought was doing pretty well.   3 hours and 2 car places later I know definitively that it is, in fact, my wheel bearing and not just the wheels being unbalanced.  A huge surprise that.  It's amazing that something of mine is unbalanced, I know.  The really fun bit is that neither place I took my car to was able to do anything to fix the problem.  Since I only have the one car and have to go to work during normal work hours, this presents something of an issue.  I can't take the car in during the week because I have to go to work and none of the weekend-y places can fix me.  Enter emergency trip to the parents house to trade out my car for one of theirs.  My wonderful mother will then take my car to our Car God (read: mechanic of epic awesomeness) and I'll still be able to get to work.  It's times like this when I'm really glad they've kept our van for 15 years.

The only good thing about today was that the whole time I was waiting on my car I got to knit.  Granted, this does get you some really odd looks at auto shops, but it was kinda nice to have a conversation starter.  I got to chat with a wide variety of people today which made the time pass faster.  Also I got a TON of knitting done, almost half of a sweater body.

The other improvement in my day came when I found that my cats are actually starting to lose weight.  My chubby little Calliope has even been bringing me toy mice to throw for her.  She plays fetch, after a fashion, when she's in a good mood.  Both cats have been getting more active and I'm hoping it's because they feel better since they've lost some squishy bits.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, especially since today was not so great.  Tomorrow is the middle of my 3 day weekend and I will be recipe testing!  I have two things that I need to attempt well before my Halloween party so that I have time to make something else if they don't work.  I will be making the basic recipe for intestines and brains.  I'm a little wary of the intestine recipe as I am not a big fan of sweet potato, but the brain should be fun.  I've never made panna cotta before so I'm thinking of trying a variety of flavoring agents and making a number of "sampler" panna cottas.  Hopefully enough people will come over for me to have a good taste test. I've found my camera battery charger too so I can take pics of my progress, assuming of course that I remember to actually use my camera.  I've also gotten some major progress done for my knit top pattern.  I should be able to get it up by Monday, no telling how useful it will be though.

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