Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super Simple DIY

Just a forewarning, this DIY is kinda dull because I've had a rather long day. Doesn't make it any less necessary though. With any kind of luck I’ll have an awesome DIY up in a few days. I'm learning to corpse things you see, and that means practicing something called “snot rag maché.” (-: For now though, all you get is my Worm Pot and the ideas that go with it. Rather bland, I know, but for an amusing purpose.

My Halloween party is more than just the chance for me to decorate things up, it's also when I get to make fiendishly gruesome food to attempt to feed people. It normally takes some cajoling to get people to try the things on my table, I try to make things realistic as possible. In this case there are some gummys that I've been wanting to try out for a few years now. Oriental Trading company has some gummy worms that are so much more than just gummy worms. They look exactly like earthworms! Now, I've tried gummy stuff before and honestly it didn't go so well. I got a gummy hand and a gummy foot, both with sugar candy bones, and they were absolutely dreadful. Hence being a bit wary about the earthworms. But, in the words of Eddie Izzard “70% is how you look” so my earthworms must be displayed in the best, or worst I suppose, possible manner.

Since earthworms are found in earth, I figured that would be the best way to serve them. Real earth being rather untasty I needed an edible alternative and a way to display it. I'm still working on the earth recipe, but I've come up with a way to display it. Enter the Worm Pot.

I found a terra cotta pot at Lowe's that looked to be a good size for a serving dish. Trouble is, terra cotta pots are horrific only in how boring they are. I needed a way to creepy it up. I've aged cloth and paper before, but never something so rigid. The only thing I could think of was paint to distress my pot. I dug around in my craft closet and turned up some black, brown, white, and glow in the dark paints.   

I figured that layering would give the best results, so I went to town on the pot one color at a time.

I started with the black paint. I figured a darker base would work the best for building off. I didn't use a brush for this, I actually spread the paint on with my fingers. It gave a pretty good look to the pot. I kinda wonder if I shouldn't have just left it at that, but I pressed on.

 The next layer you can't see very well. The whitish, glue like stuff is what I put on.  It's the glow in the dark paint which is pretty transparent once you start spreading it around.

 I put some white paint on my pallet near the black so I could smear them together and get a grayish layer.

Then I put some brown mixed with black on to simulate a bit of clinging dirt.

 I topped the whole thing off with another layer of glow in the dark paint and here it is.

I may put some chips in the pot, or put another layer of paint on it so I can stick some spider webbing to it. There's something not quite right about my Worm Pot as yet but I'm sure I’ll figure it out if I stare at it for long enough.

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