Monday, September 5, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

First things first.  Cooking shenanigans yesterday went really well.  The intestine recipe needs a bit of tweaking, it wasn't as flavorful as it should have been, but the panna cotta was AMAZING.  I made a half batch since I wasn't planning on filling an entire brain mold just for practice and I divided that further so that I could test a variety of flavors.  The recipe called just for vanilla but I wanted to try out more.  I made one in vanilla, one in almond, one in raspberry, and one in plain.  They were all really, really good.  Even the plain one.  I think for the actual brain I'm going to use mostly vanilla with a hint of almond like my family sometimes uses for our cheesecake. That plus the raspberry goo topping should be excellent.   In standard fashion, however, I only managed to take pictures as I was making the food and utterly forgot about taking pics of the finished product until after they had been consumed.  Go me.  One of these days I'll get better at that.

I did a bit more Halloween prep work today since I had the day off.  Good thing, too.  I found out that one of the props I was planning on getting was no where near as impressive in person as it is on paper.  I had wanted to get a mummified spider victim that hangs by its feet, screams, shakes, and has light up eyes but when I came across one at the store it was so poorly done that I think I could make a better one with the $40 it would cost. Very depressing.  I did come across a gallon jug of blood though.  I'm not sure if I need that much or if I would be better off getting it in pints.  I have no idea how much it will take to do my bathroom up nicely and some will be spattered onto fabric for other props too.  I don't like the "bloody bandage" type things you can buy here, there, and everywhere.  They always look so fake.  Last year I found some scrap fabric that I tore into bandage like strips.  Then I got some fake blood and smeared it on my arms or legs like a wound before wrapping the "injury" with the bandage I had made.  They look awesome.  Plus I got fake blood all over my hands at one point and had a fabric scrap about the size of a towel that I was able to wipe the blood off with.  Those look great, very realistic.  I'll start taking pictures of all my homemade stuff on October 1 when I get to start the decoration bonanza.   

And finally, I got to knit a good deal over my extended weekend.  That was nice.  I have the body of a sweater done and am working on the first arm.  I tried finishing up a top that I've been working on since July and discovered what appears to be an error in the pattern.  I'm not 100% sure on that yet, I've only reread that section 2 or 3 times so far, but I think there may be an extra row on a sleeve. Figuring it out will take more thought that I was prepared for today, so I'll get to that later on.  After all, it's waited this long already. A few more days won't hurt.  I wore my newest top out today and was told that I looked very "high fashion" by a friend whose style opinions I trust.  That was nice, especially when I got to tell him that I designed and made the top myself.  I'm doing some edits to the pattern right now so that I can put it out in the universe for others.  It's only in one size so far, though.  I'm trying to figure out the modifications for other sizes and that is taking a lot longer than I thought it would so I'll probably post what I have so far and then update it when I get the sizing worked out.  The pattern is a top down so it's really easy to modify anyway.  And now, I must leave you to attend the demands of my wee beasties.

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