Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Loop Mini Scarf

I've got another mini scarf pattern today!  I was originally going to call it a "lollipop" mini scarf, circles on the end of lines and all that, but the circles went all ovoid on me.  So, loops it is!

I'm not 100% certain which yarn I used, though.  I'm pretty sure it started out life as Lion Brand's Lion Wool, but it was buried in the stash without a ball band so I could be wrong.

Loop Mini Scarf

1 ounce (60-70 yards) Lion Wool
J hook

Ch 8, join.
Ch 1, 20 sc in loop, join with sl st in ch 1.

(Ch 5, ch 8, join to make loop, 10 sc in loop)* repeat until scarf is desired length, mine was 60 inches.

 Then work 10 more sc in end loop(total of 20 sc), join to first sc in loop.  (5 sc in the back of each ch, 10 sc in loop, join to first sc.)* repeat to end and ending with 5 sc in the back of each ch. Bind off, weave ends.

You can change how you wear this one by threading one end through any loop.

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