Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zig-Zag Mini Scarf

I came up with another mini scarf design that I quite like.  It isn't as fast as the other ones I've come up with, but I think it looks neat enough to take a bit of trouble.  One of these days I'll get something to display my stuff on so I can take better pictures for you.

Zig-Zag Mini Scarf

For this I used Caron Simply Soft and an F hook.  (You guessed it, the F hook was what I had in my purse at the time.)

Ch 270  (Like most of my scarves, length is entirely up to you.  This one is in multiples of 9 sts)
Hdc in the second ch from the hook.  Work hdc's in the next 2 ch sts.  *3 hdc in the next ch.  Work hdc's in the next 3 ch sts then work 1 dec. Hdc int he next 3 chs.*  Repeat from *to* across ending with 3 hdc in last ch.

That's it.  Very simple, though annoying.  I hate working off the chain. It can't be helped for this one though and I think the wavy zig-zag is fun. There's a variation too, if you like.  The zig-zags will be more pronounced if you replace the decrease with skipping those two ch sts and resuming the hdcs in the usual place.

That's it for today, I've got a hockey game to go to!  (Taking yarn and a hooks in my purse, of course.  I get the dt's if I'm away from yarn too long.  Maybe I'll come up with something epic!)

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