Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween

This is Matilda.  She's my oldest decoration; my grandma made her for me when I was 6ish.     
The time of the party has come!  All my preparation and plans have come to fruition.  If you see anything I made that I didn't post a how to for, shoot me a message.  If I made it I'll tell you how or put up a post for it.  That goes for my recipes too, by the way.

There are going to be both pre and post lighting change photos.  My camera does a pretty decent job, but I lose detail when I adjust for lighting.  I hate using a flash for things that have special lighting since the flash totally destroys the effect, especially in the black light areas.  But not using the flash means I have to use the 'high sensitivity' setting and they weren't kidding when they named it that.  The slightest shift, like breathing or your pulse, blurs the whole frame even with anti-shake on.  So, in areas that you miss things with the special lighting I've included both so you can actually see what's there.

Care to join me on a tour?

 Welcome to the Cat Cave.  This is Frans and he's happy to see you.

On the way in you'll see a familiar face, it's just that he's upside down now.   I normally web this whole area, but we've had excessive wind and I decided not to waste webbing.

Enter the Cat Cave

The Spiders' Den.  I have big plans for ramping this up next year.

The Blood Bath.  Lots of pics on this one.  It looked really awesome in person once the lighting was installed.  Those pics are a bit hard to see, but even with tinkering with the saturation and contrast it was the best I could get.

Living Room Highlights


The Dining Room

And, of course, the feast!
Frog Spawn Shots

Frog Nests

Cat Barf

Pretzel Bones

Delicious, delicious brains!

Kitty Poo (see, told you it was awesome!)

Blood and Butter Beer

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